Sacred Guardian Singa is a live-action Tokusatsu superhero series in development, created in Singapore by tokuAsia Pte. Ltd. It is the product of a 14-year-old dream by a community of fans who wished to create their own homegrown Tokusatsu superhero.

Sacred Guardian Singa aspires to be a powerful, superhero-centric brand that is entertaining, and driven by the desire to impart universal good values to children and teenagers, making it an influential, force-for-good icon in Singapore and Southeast Asia.


The Sacred Guardian Singa is developed primarily as a TV series for children and teenagers aged 8-18.

Borrowing the special effects techniques and genre conventions from classic Tokusatsu shows with the rich culture and mythology of the Southeast Asian region, Singa aims to deliver a heartwarming, imaginative and action-packed modern superhero story to viewers of all ages.

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Published by Asiapac Books and supported by the National Arts Council

Published by Asiapac Books and illustrated by Alan Bay, Sacred Guardians serves as a prequel story featuring origin of Singa and the Sacred Guardians.

Sacred Guardians is a project supported by the National Arts Council Presentation & Participation (Publishing) Grant.



The Sacred Guardian Singa Official Store offers an expanding range of merchandise ranging from T-Shirts to Stickers to Postcards.

We also collaborate with artists and brands to develop innovative products that deliver value, whilst at the same time allowing our fans to showcase their love and support for Sacred Guardian Singa.


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