Set over a thousand years ago in the heart of maritime Southeast Asia, Sacred Guardians is the story of Dev, a once powerful immortal being from the realm of A’zhur who lives in the port-city of Tumasik.
Sensing the presence of evil in the region, Dev is instructed by five Sacred Spirit Animals to seek out five brave youths from around the region worthy enough to merge their souls with the Sacred Spirit Animals in order to become the Sacred Guardians.

Along with their immortal mentor, the Sacred Guardians must journey to the ancient Kingdom of Kantoli located in Suwarnhabhumi to defeat evil forces led by the vicious and inherently evil Demon King before it is too late.

To be published by Asiapac Books along with grant assistance from National Arts Council, Sacred Guardians will bring readers to a different time, deep into ancient Southeast Asia as we witness the journey and the adventures of our six heroes as they seek to protect the world from a threat never before seen.

Sacred Guardians is written by Aydeel Djoeharie and is illustrated by Alan Bay(Once upon a Singapore…Traders,2018) with early character concepts by Zaki Ragman(Lieutenant Adnan and the Last Regiment, 2017).

Sacred Guardians will be available for purchase in June 2020.

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